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Smart Breakfast / Lunch Box 20x15x15 cm( 8" x 6" x 6" )

Easy one-hand carry lunch box design with built-in cup holder for combined food and beverage transfer. Extra-safe lock to avoid audible opening and a comfortable handle for added convenience. Fully recyclable white cardboard paper.
50 boxes
50 boxes
100 boxes
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Box Dimensions

20x15x15cm (without the handles)
( 8" x 6" x 6" )


Recycled Cardboard

Paper base color

White exterior / White interior

Paper weight



Water based

External Processing

Matte Coat

Internal Processing

Barrier Coat suitable for food contact


Order Process: Once an order is placed, the duration for processing depends on the availability of the purchased products in the warehouse.

Packaging: Each batch of 50 pieces is carefully packed in its own carton package to prevent any damage during transit.

Delivery: For domestic shipments, our company collaborates with national shipping companies. For international shipments, our company collaborates with DHL as its delivery partner.

International Delivery Options: Customers can choose between standard or express delivery at checkout, for international shipments. The delivery time, that provided at that stage, is after the order has been processed from the warehouse.

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Can I order a sample of your products?

Of course! You can order the 6-pieces sample kits -each for every different box size- from our e shop and see for yourself if the YBB Lunch Boxes meet your needs.

Is it possible to order less than 50 boxes?

Unfortunately, 50 boxes is the minimum order you can make. All orders are bundles of 50 units.

What are the sizes and dimensions of your lunch boxes?

Our YBB lunch boxes offered in two standard sizes: The Smart Lunch Box, sized 20cm (Length) x 15cm (Width) x 15cm (Height) and the Premium Lunch Box, sized 29cm (Length) x 20cm (Width) x 18cm (Height). The dimensions do not include the handles. Both sizes can be found in two types of paper (white carton and Kraft carton) and in a variety of designs.

What material are the boxes made of?

The YBB Boxes are manufactured from a 100% certified recycled cardboard of 400-450gr/sqm. The interior coating -ACTGreen Barrier Coating- is suitable for food contact and meets food industry’s standards.

Can I place cooked food directly into the box without additional packaging?

You can place cooked food directly into the YBB boxes without additional packaging. The Box’s material response varies according to several factors concerning fat, humidity, temperature etc.

Is the shipping cost included in the price?

The shipping cost is not included in the item price. It is automatically calculated at checkout and is based on the shipping address you have specified.

Where do you ship?

The YBB Lunch Boxes are shipped all over the world.

Can I get the YBB Lunch Boxes from another e shop or physical store?

The YBB Lunch Boxes are distributed solely from our company through our e shop. Alternatively, you can contact one of our representatives. Contact

Can I print my company’s logo or design on a YBB Lunch Box?

Of course! For orders above 3000 pieces, YBB Lunch Boxes can be customized to your needs. You can either print your logo or a specific design of your choosing. In that case there is a one-off extra charge depending on the design. The extra fee is applied anew each time you change your design.

Can I Design a Box with my dimensions?

Of course! For orders above 10000 pieces, the YBB Lunch Boxes can be redesigned into new dimensions according to your company’s needs. In that case there is a one-off extra charge depending on your design. The extra fee is applied anew each time you change your design.

Is it possible to print my own design for a quantity of 50 lunch boxes?

Unfortunately, there is a minimum of 3000 pieces in order to produce a customized design.

Is the extra container included on the Premium Lunch Box price?

Yes, the extra container is part of the Premium Lunch box. It is used in order to create a separate food compartment within the box.

Are the cups included in the price;

Unfortunately, our company does not produce cups. You can obtain cups of your own choosing as long as they fit properly in the box’s beverage compartment. Ideal cups should be of 8oz (235ml) size.

What types of businesses and events can I use the boxes for?

YBB Lunch Boxes are the ideal choice when it comes to hotels, rentals, restaurants, cafes and catering companies. They can also be used for parties or business events as well as for personal needs.

Will I get a discount if I order larger quantities?

The YBB Lunch Boxes are available in 50-pieces packaging. For orders above 200 pieces for each product code you get an automatic discount from our e shop. For orders above 3000 pieces you can contact one of our representatives. Contact

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When it comes to improving the guest/customer experience, YBB is the perfect solution. Ideal for small hotels, short-term rentals, restaurants, cafés and catering businesses, it is the lunch box that can easily help you unbox success.

The well thought-out design with safe, thermally isolated compartments, its many modern art options and its eco-friendly nature, make it the most trendy, practical and relatable food packaging option out there.

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Paper Take away Breakfast Lunch box


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