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A specialized, one-handed carry
solution for take-away meal packaging.

The innovative design focuses on creating secure compartments that enable every YBB box to safely transport food and beverages and at different temperatures (hot, cold) without one product’s temperature affecting the others.

features two independent beverage cup holders, allowing users to conveniently place cups from the outside, ensuring that drinks can be placed last, maintain their optimal taste and temperature. Additionally, its interior is divided into two independent levels, top and bottom, allowing food at different temperatures to be stored without affecting one another.”

is made from recycled cardboard
and is fully recyclable after use.


The only one-hand carry
lunch box with 4 independent
thermal zones.

The techniques employed, along with the unique design features that create two
distinct temperature zones for food items and two separate compartments for
beverages within a single, easily carried box, have received a patent certification by
the National Intellectual Property (IP) Authorities, ensuring the protection of their rights.

Paper Take away Breakfast Lunch box Paper Take away Breakfast Lunch box


We are proud to be a
Worldstar Winner!

Winners 2023 award

It can contain more than you think! Load up the YBB box
with lots of different products for a complete,
delicious meal experience.